Jul 032012

Their is no such thing as a complete list of foods and other items that contain gluten.

Food, Drug and Supplement manufacturers regularly change their ingredients, mislabel, misinterpret, change their suppliers or recall products.

For this reason, we (and recently also the Gluten Free Society) have long suggested for genetically HLA-DQ typed non-celiac and/or celiac gluten sensitive individuals to avoid processed and packaged foods and eating out as much as possible. Pack your own lunch, snack or dinner and enjoy without worries!

Unsafe Gluten Containing Foods


Hidden Corn Gluten



Alphabetic Drug Manufacturer Phone and Website Addresses


Small Drug Manufacturers List


Wikipedia’s (mostly up-to-date) links list to Pharmaceutical Companies



Glutenfree Prescription Medicines
(check every new Rx batch with the manufacturer and ask for detailed ingredient list in order for you to verify against above lists) http://www.glutenfreedrugs.com/list.htm

Drug Pamphlets and Manufacturer Info

MedlinePlus Drug and Supplement Ingredient Search