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Worth repeating before the Holidays…
From cravings to headaches, sinus issues to fibrocystic ovaries, tender breast tissue, discharge, acne and more, excess sugar may be at the root of many of your health challenges.

“Sugar” comes in many forms:

  • anything sweet(ened) – except for herbs such as stevia
  • anything grain and starch (their carbs too turn to sugar in the body)
  • anything dairy (lactose also turns to sugar in the body)

Sugar makes the body more acidic and lowers iron (Fe) levels.
This in turn lowers the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. As a result, energy levels drop and heart and lungs are forced to work harder (shortness of breath and anxiety) as may be the kidneys (water retention).

Sugar causes inflammation and triggers the calcium leaching metabolism. This can add to the formation of fibroids (uterine and breast tissue). Amenorrhea (lack of or delayed monthly flow) or dysmenorrhea (painful menses and premenstrual syndrome) may be early signs of calcium leaching and pH buffering.

Sugar may promote acne. Higher levels of sugar are commenly related to acne and other skin eruptions. These can serve as early risk indicators for possibly future diabetes.

Sugar nourishes yeast cells. Yellowish or whitish discharge are a common result and possible sign of a yeast infection.  

Sugar nourishes cancer cells.  This process possibly is connected to sugar displacing blood oxygen. If detected early, many cancer cells can be outright starved if sugars, grain carbs and lactose are cut from the diet.

Now that we have recognized the “rat” let us remember the Power and Importance of Antioxidants!

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Jun 132010

Q: I have been diagnosed with macular degeneration and I want to know if there is a homeopathic treatment for this disease.

A: There may be several reasons for macular degeneration to develop… Here I wish to address only the two most prominent Natural Medicine explanations.

1) in an individual with excess lipid and cholesterol levels we often find plaque-like accumulations in the fine blood vessels that supply the eyes.
2) in patients with longstanding inflammatory processes (arthritis, etc.) the body corrects raising acidity levels by buffering the blood pH via flushing calcium and other minerals from the skeleton and then build up in the fine capillairies supplying the eyes.

There are some natural remedies that help counteract these issues. However, the first approach is ALWAYS to eliminate foods that may promote above conditions.

Short Recommendation – AVOID:
– Blood sugar spikes by staying away from ALL foods turning to sugar in the body (i.e. everything containing sugar, grain carbohydrates, and lactose/dairy).
– Transfatty acids and high levels of animal fats.
– ALL soft drinks (raises phosphorus levels and body acidity)
– Alcohol (turns to sugar)
– Coffee (doubles rate of calcium loss)

EAT – fresh, unprocessed foods:
– light, lean meats (fish, poultry, game, etc.)
– green and colorful, non-starchy vegetables, and max. 2 servings of berries, pommegranate, goji etc.
– olive and grapeseed oil
– fresh, non-chlorinated water
– unsweetened Chinese Pu Erh and Chrysanthemum Tea and other highly antioxidant teas

Discuss with your health professional:
EFA – essential fatty acids: use of Omega3 in form of Salmon Oil, Salvia etc.
Vitamin balance
Mineral deficiencies

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