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Q: My partner once again has worms but doesn’t seem to be able to tolerate the meds prescribed by the doctor. What natural medicine remedies are there?

A: From your question I gather that this is not the first time your partner is plagued by parasites. Intestinal parasites in humans are quite common given a conducive intestinal environment or a lowered immune system.
Short of passing worms in the stool these are the symptoms to look for:
• distended lower abdomen
• bloating or gas
• abdominal pain
• weight loss
• hunger pangs despite eating
• borborygmus (growling tummy)
• stomach pain or tenderness particularly around the navel area,
• nausea or vomiting
• itching around rectum or vulva especially at night
• tiredness and anemia
• dark rings around the eyes.

If you suspect or have found intestinal parasites the approach is two-pronged.

Firstly, get the kind of parasites identified. Not every kind of worm needs the same approach and remedies. Sometimes several stool samples are needed for this. Also, to avoid negative findings, make sure the lab you are using is specialized in handling parasites.

The quickest way to get rid of parasites is with conventional remedies from your pharmacy. Since these remedies kill worms but not larvae, in Europe, we always repeat these medications ten to fourteen days later in order to get rid also of the next generation before they have the opportunity to multiply.

Be prepared: the greater the parasite load the greater the amount of toxins released by the dying off worms. Feeling nauseous after taking prescription medication thus is to be expected. This is where natural medicine comes into play.

Secondly, key to avoid these unwanted guests is to create an intestinal environment hostile to them. Intestinal parasites thrive on anything sugar, including alcohols, fruit juice and refined carbohydrates such as breads, pasta, etc. Thus, avoid processed foods.

In addition, several foods have traditionally been used to create an intestinal climate hostile to new parasite development:
• Eat pumpkin seeds, carrots, beetroots, raw garlic, pomegranates (with seeds not juiced), papaya seeds, barberries, fennel seed.
• Up your Vitamin C to 2000 mg or to tolerance in form of chewable tablets (for better oral versus intestinal absorption).
• Drink ample fresh and non-chlorinated water to keep well hydrated and remove the toxins.

Natural medicine also uses a variety of herbs and traditional Chinese herbal medicines to help expel parasites. However, these remedies should be used under the guidance of a qualified practitioner only.

Once you are rid of the parasites, replenish your intestinal flora with good quality probiotics and stick to your fresh food lifestyle, i.e. keep avoiding sugars and processed foods, to keep new worms at bay.

Only you can make the decision about what will work best for you and your digestive system. Raising relevant questions is important. Have your doctor help you make your decision or consult with a qualified natural medicine professional before you decide on your customized plan of action.

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