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Mineral imbalances may lead to physical and mental discomfort or disorders. Pyroluria is a genetically predisposed condition whereby the hemoglobin synthesis fails to function properly.

Nutrient - Toxin Interaction

Think of the minerals as of the body’s spark plugs. We need them to guide the majority of our functional and neurological processes in the body.

Mineral imbalances can be a result of…

  • genetic predisposition
  • food allergies – leading to longterm imbalances
  • sugar or alcohol – 1) sugar nourishes cancer cells 2) sugar makes the body acidic
  • malnutrition – lack of food or lack of the right foods
  • malabsorption – the small intestines are not able to absorb nutrients from the foods it is presented with
  • toxins – e.g. smoking (lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.) that deplete certain nutrients
  • environmental toxins – excessive toxin load from personal care products, household cleaners, building products, etc. that interfere with proper mineral ratios.

Many missed and mis-diagnoses of a variety of diseases now are being recognized as a possibly underlying genetic condition called Pyroluria. Among these are family traits of schizophrenia, bipolar manic-depressive disorder, anxiety, panic attacks,  behavior disorders, autism, aspergers, ADD/ADHD, depression, poor short term memory, frequent infections, and more.

If the accepted treatment and medication approaches to many common conditions don’t seem to bring the desired results it may be time to ask additional questions:

  • Do or did you ever experience cold hands and feet even in warm surroundings?
  • Are you going through phases of depression or nervous exhaustion?
  • Do you experience morning nausea and/or tend to stay away from eating breakfast?
  • Are you familiar with more or less frequent cluster headaches?
  • and another 36 questions….

These are just four of a catalogue of 40 Questions you can request by writing to  pyroluria @ ymail.com (remove spaces in order to activate the e-mail address).

Pyroluria is a condition caused by a DNA pattern leading to extremely low zinc and vitamin B6 levels.  As we have seen, it is often (mis-)diagnosed as anything from schizophrenia, to depression, Raynaud’s, anti-social behaviour, anemia and iron deficiency, and many other conditions.

It turns out that severe zinc and vitamin B6 deficiencies may be connected to many of these signs and symptoms. 

Treatment is based on natural medicine nutritional approaches including zinc and B6 supplementation. Like any mineral imbalances, if left undiagnosed and untreated, symptoms and conditions can spiral out of hand. However, since many of the necessary nutrients and supplements may be toxic if used wrongly or in excessive amounts, treatment must be supervised by an experienced medical professional.

If after receiving your cope of the questionnaire you answer more than half of the 40 Questions affirmatively, you might want to suggest to your primary health practitioner to get your zinc, B6 and urinary kryptopyrrole levels tested.

To receive your own complimentary copy of the NMC Pyroluria Questionnaire write to pyroluria @ ymail.com (remove spaces in order to activate the e-mail address).

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