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NMC Publishing Books and authors do inform. They do not substitute proper medical diagnosis and treatment by your licensed healthcare provider.

If you have any health concerns please consult with a medical professional in your area before trying any suggestions or approaches discussed in our books.




Health Books that Make a Difference


NMC Publishing is health and environmentally conscious.
Prevention of disease and optimal quality of life are important to us.

  • We aim to provide you with accurate and easy to use information on how to avoid health risks and live healthy and happily.

  • Our books are designed and written to make that difference.

  • Our titles are carefully researched.

  • Readability, clarity, content, and ease of use distinguish NMC books from others.


Not Just Books... Our Authors Offer Additional Support

For the times you may want more than just read a book we offer you further support. Nothing replaces the personal contact with the author.

Contact us: Our authors are available for...
  • Interviews
  • Book Signing
  • Lectures
  • Training Programs
  • Consulting

Is Your Company Spending Too Much on Sick Days?

Absenteeism and Presenteeism (an unproductive work force) rates are growing at a huge economical cost.

Our Books may go a long way towards reducing your company expenses and healthcare cost.

Empower your employees to take health in their own hands. Health-conscious corporations and companies can take advantage of our Volume Discounts to give away terrific books to employees, clients, and patrons as incentives or thank-you gifts.

NMC books make for high-value gifts designed to reduce absenteeism or presenteeism and reduce your health cost. Books are no throw-aways and are always well received gifts or tokens of appreciation.

For large orders we will happily customize an interior page or cover to reflect your company image or highlight other resources or alliances that increase the breadth of your services.

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