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The Natural Medicine Centre "Your Partner for Health!" focuses on Public Natural Health and Natural Medicine Education. An educated patient attains better treatment results.

Patient or Health Professional? We are here to support you every step of your way.


Click below for these and other Public and Professional Educational Programs, Courses, Workshops, Seminars and Lectures.

Professional Programs


Professional Programs


Public Programs

Early Diabetes Risk Recognition and Avoidance   >more

  • Level 1 - Early Diabetes Risk Recognition Counselor

  • Level 2 - Natural Diabetes Avoidance Coach

  • Level 3 -  Natural Medicine Diabetes Avoidance and Reversal Advisor

Manual Techniques  >more

  • Dorn - Gentle Spinal Alignment Technique

  • Roth Osteopathic Techniques

  • Equi-PRO Deep Tissue Technique

  • Equipathy Approach



Available via SKYPE or In-Person

Avoidiabetes Programs  >more

  • Avoidiabetes Early Risk Questionnaire

  • Avoidiabetes Lifestyle Coaching

  • Avoidiabetes Individual Support and Guidance

  • e-education and consults

Other Health Topics  >more

  • Lectures

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

Natural Medicine Support

  • Gluten-Intolerance and Celiac Disease Management

  • Immune System connections

  • Chronic Pain conditions


Energy Techniques >more

  • Reiki - Levels I through III and Master/Teacher

  • Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher - for certified Reiki Masters



Make sure to pick up your own copy of our  BOOKS

Aside from books published in the German language by Hoelker Verlag, Rivkah Roth is also the author of these titles published by NMC Publishing...
- At Risk? Avoid DIABETES by Recognizing Early Risk - A Natural Medicine View
- At Risk? Expanded Workbook
- Diabetes Prevention - Not Like the Last Thirty Years
- DIABETES-Series Little Books, a 7-volume series of 48-page, one-topic, point-form, easy-to-read informative booklets.
Other books are in preparation.

By appointment, Rivkah Roth DO DNM® DAc DTCM is available for consults and treatments at the Natural Medicine Centre or for long-distance consults via telephone or Skype.


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