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At the Natural Medicine Centre we use several forms of energy work from

JMT Jaffe-Mellor Technique- Allergy Elimination to Reiki and Karuna Reiki.

We like to integrate the benefits and merits of energy work in our overall approach and with other modalities such as acupuncture and manual treatments.

Rivkah Roth DO, DNM® is a certified JMT™ Practitioner and a Reiki and Karuna™ Reiki Master Teacher.

Energy work is going mainstream. Many of the energy work modalities are effective stress reducers. Today many energy work modalities are accepted in mainstream medicine. Surgery departments, fertility clinics, and hospitals are using nurses trained in Touch for Healing, Reiki, and other energy modalities.

JMT™ - Jaffe-Mellor Technique

JMT™ is a hands-on and patient-centered technique. It incorporates highly specific muscle resistance testing (MRT) with acupuncture or acupressure treatment of points on the patient’s back or arms and legs.

JMT™ was created out of the need to find a safe and effective way to neutralize the pathogens without the use of

  • drugs or ingestants

  • invasive therapies

  • surgery

  • manipulation

  • allergy elimination

  • stringent dietary restrictions

  • topical applications

  • cleanses, etc.

All these intervene with the body’s immune system needs to fight against intruders.

However, the immune system is not always able to recognize such attackers and often fails to tell apart beneficial from detrimental cells.  It is such attacks on the various body sites that frequently result in the destruction of tissue.

Via bioenergetic reprogramming of the immune system response JMT™ can assist the body in once again mobilizing its necessary and correct response patterns.

JMT™ offers the Bioenergetic Resolution for the pain and symptoms of...
...all forms of arthritis
...Degenerative and inflammatory disorders
...Neurological disorders
...Endocrine disorders
...Trauma-related pain conditions
...Motorsensory and neurological disturbances
...Emotional and psychological disorders
...and more conditions.

This is what makes up a JMT™ assessment and treatment:

Step One

JMT™ draws on advanced Kinesiology. MRT – muscle resistance testing and/or EAV computerized meridian stress assessment are used to confirm the presence of a suspected causal factor.

Step Two

Bioenergetic neutralization of suspected pathogens. Energetic intervention of immune system attacks. Reprogramming and repatterning by way of acupuncture or acupressure.

Step Three

Recommendations and Follow-up. Restoring Quality to Life

JMT™ helps accelerate the healing of worn joints, tissues and organs and contributes to the reestablishment of the integrity of the entire body and mind.

It is not unusual to see most symptoms disappear in as few as a couple treatments up to as many as a dozen or so.


Reiki is an ancient non-invasive art of healing rediscovered and for the first time systematically taught in the 20th Century.

The name itself means ‘Universal Energy’ (Rei = Universal, Ki/Qi = Energy) referring to the non-restrictive nature of this innate healing energy.

Reiki is equally effective for adult people, kids, pets, and larger animals such as horses.

It can provide a general sense of wellbeing and balance.

In addition, those in any capacity working with people may find their awareness levels as well as their intuition and sensitivity of touch heightened.

People experiencing a person using Reiki generally comment on the soothing touch and the pleasant warmth of the hands.

Its relaxing and stress-reducing effects have been widely commented on. Babies, small children and animals tend to seek out people with “Reiki-hands”.

If your hair-dresser or foot reflexologist is a Reiki practitioner your enjoyment has just been kicked up a notch.

Acupuncturists practicing Reiki seem to be able to insert needles painlessly.

Many people report food tasting better when prepared by a Reiki person.

Other benefits have been reported already after attending the Reiki I course. Sprains seem to heal quicker, so do burns and other wounds, even fractures. Medications appear to act better and with fewer side effects reported.

The list is long. - Not long after the first course everybody seems to have their own “Reiki Story” to tell. What will be yours?

Reiki is generally taught in three or four steps. We like the following format:
   Reiki I (1-day Seminar),
   Reiki II (1 or 2-day Seminar)
   [Reiki II-PRO Seminar]
   Reiki III / Master Practitioner (2 or 3-day Seminar)
   Reiki Master/Teacher (Individual Apprenticeship)
   Karuna™ Reiki Master (for certified Reiki Master Teachers only!).

While the material can be learned quite easily in weekend classes ‘waiting periods’ adequate to the practitioners’ background and experience are recommended. The body needs time in order to adapt to the new feel and energy levels.

3 to 6 months between Reiki I and II are usual unless you are already working in the medical or therapeutic field. If you are an active health practitioners you can easily learn Reiki I and II back to back.

In turn, 6 to 12 months between Reiki II and III help the practitioner adjust to the highly increased energy levels.

To become a Reiki Master/Teacher an apprenticeship of one or two years are common.

In order to integrate the Reiki experience with many other healing modalities the Natural Medicine Centre also offer what we call the Reiki II-PRO Seminar. In fact, we make it a mandatory course for those who plan to go on to the Master Teacher level.

Interested in learning Reiki, or dissatisfied with your last/past Reiki experience?
Please contact us and enquire about our upcoming courses at your level.

By appointment, Rivkah Roth DO DNM® DAc DTCM is available for consults and treatments at the Natural Medicine Centre or for long-distance consults via telephone or Skype.


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