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At the Natural Medicine Centre we use several forms of homeopathic treatment approaches. Among them are Homotoxicology, Homeosineatry, and a form of Biopuncture


Homotoxicology is the modern homeopathy, adjusted to the layered and more complex illnesses and presentations of today's imbalances.

Its founder, Dr. H.-H. Reckeweg, a European mainstream physician with a strong homeopathic background, developed a new understanding of how an illness proceeds or heals. According to his Table of Homotoxicosis any illness proceeds in predictable stages.

Stage 1:

As a pathogen first invades, the body reacts by working it out (discharges of any kind incl. Diarrhea, throwing up, sweat, etc.).

Stage 2:

The second stage is present if the body cannot clear out the pathogen. The body then enters an inflammatory stage.

Stage 3:

Failing sufficient response, the illness in phase three then is being driven deeper into the body. In this phase it may transfer itself to another system or it may enter the fluid surrounding some of the cells.

Stage 4:

We are dealing with serious illnesses once the pathogen manages to invade the cells themselves in a forth phase.

Stage 5:

The fifth phase will present itself with changes in the cells. This is the stage where laboratory findings finally pick up what is happening.

Stage 6:

In a sixth and final phase the pathogen takes over control of the cell - a condition that may lead to some form of cancer.

When we understand the process of illness according the Dr. Reckeweg's six phases of disease progression and reversal we are able to recognize the healing process as a retracing of the stages described above. "Healing-crises" is a term long used in homeopathic medicine yet, seen in this manner, it looses its threat and can be carefully controlled.

Anti-homotoxic remedies are formulated in a manner that controls side-effects and compounds the effects of the various individual remedies. Precise and targeted delivery of homeopathically prepared medication is its major strength.

Anti-homotoxic remedies are easy to take and have proven particularly effective in complicated and longstanding cases. They are available in alcohol or saline-based drops and sometimes in tablet or globule form not unlike traditional homeopathic remedies.


Homeopathy is an Art Form. Homeopathy - grown out of traditional herbal/phytotherapy - has been used in Europe for a couple of centuries since Samuel Hahnemann postulated the "law of similes."

Minute doses of herbal, mineral and other substances are prepared in a way that makes them easily absorbable for the body. Like many natural remedies Homeopathy is gentle and effective yet powerful when used properly. Side-effects are to be expected only in rare cases.

Classical Single-Remedy Homeopathy

In Classical Homeopathy single remedies are used either once or over a shorter or longer period of time. If several remedies need to be prescribed they are generally used consecutively rather than simultaneously.

Depending on the patient's picture of imbalance we decide on the use of low or high potency doses and the duration or frequency of treatment in each individual case.


Homeosineatry is a powerful amalgamation of acupuncture with homeopathy and thus often is described as the "Link between Acupuncture and Homeopathy". It is also referred to as "wet acupuncture" (as opposed to "dry needling").

In Homeosineatry the acupuncture needle prior to its insertion is being dipped in specially prepared, sterile homeopathic solutions. Both, point and remedy, are selected according to the patient's condition and according to the rules of syndrome differentiation of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the homeopathic repertorization process. The cumulative effect, along with the more direct and targeted delivery of the homeopathic remedy, have shown quick and remarkable results.

Homeosineatry has found successful application in a wide array of internal conditions as well as in local inflammatory diseases such as...

  • Sciatica

  • Tennis Elbow

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • some Headaches

  • and many other conditions


Biopuncture easily can be described as the most sophisticated and powerful homeopathic technique. The delivery of sterile homeopathically prepared injectable medications can be controlled by the practitioner. No forgotten doses, no stomach upset.

The ampoules in which these highly developed remedies are prepared can also be used for oral delivery - the method preferred at the Natural Medicine Centre.

By appointment, Rivkah Roth DO DNM® DAc DTCM is available for consults and treatments at the Natural Medicine Centre or for long-distance consults via telephone or Skype.


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